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Unrivaled Control
Unrivaled Control

Over the foundation of your brew

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Simple, yet powerful

We founded Lotus Coffee to make brewing great coffee at home easy and accessible to all by focusing on simple, intuitive design, rooted in the science of coffee.

For our first product we chose to focus on the foundation of every brew, the water. Each coffee contains it's own unique collection of flavors and as such, can be optimized by pairing it with a unique water designed to pull out the best flavors and tame the undesireable ones.

How to make your own customized brew water

01 // Fill
01 // Fill

Fill the Lotus Mixing Bottle with distilled or reverse osmosis water

02 // Drop
02 // Drop

Add drops of concentrate per one of our recipes or your own

03 // Brew
03 // Brew

Make delicious coffee with your custom crafted brewing water


I love the control that Lotus Water offers us. It makes it very convenient to try out different water recipes for just a few pour overs, and it makes it easy to see how much of an impact small changes in water composition can have on the taste of coffee.

Jonathan Gagné
Astro-Physicist / Coffee Blogger

I love using Lotus Water. The simple dripper system means I know exactly how much of each mineral I want in my water. It's easy to replicate recipes from other brewers all over the world - and for me to create recipes myself based off the coffees I'm brewing!

Matt Winton
World Brewers Cup Champion 2021

Brew better with Lotus

Take dialing in your coffee to the next level with custom single dose water recipes